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Hi there ...

Well I have begun the journey of starting a new website with a new blog so I guess I should start a new with a introduction.

My Name is Coralie Plozza and I am a single mum with two gorgeous teenagers 16 +14 soon to be 17 + 15 eek .. also have three characters of fur kids Bonnie, Kruze and Luna so I am kept very busy wrangling a nature photography business a part time job as a retail assistant in a post office/ newsagency and Mum to all of the above.

I have been taking photos since the early 2000's it was the invention of digital cameras that did it for me I was hopeless at film cameras and hated not knowing if the photo was okay before it was sent off for printing.

My first photo that I thought was kinda cool was of my husky Misty and was done on a little digital borrowed from the local Tafe where I was learning to be a teachers assistant for primary schools (found out that is a sucky job for tall people the bending did my back a number lol) my interest progressed from there and now it has evolved into living on a farm in rural Busselton Western Australia that gets so many rainbows in the season so was named Rainbow farm and the sunrises are glorious with a few good sunsets a lot of wildlife from kangaroos to lizards to birds to foxes and rabbits.

Living in Busselton where its a short distance to stunning coast line also hasn't hurt the nature obsession.

I find it so inspiring and healing to take these images and share them with you all and hopefully bring them into your world in the form of a product with your favourite image on it.

I am a lazy photographer that likes to do it the easy way and hope to take the stress out of taking photos for you also with tips and tricks and eventually maybe a course or two.

Okay starting to ramble ... I hope you follow along on my chaotic unorganised journey and enjoy me bringing the healing power of nature into your world.

I will attempt to update this blog often with all sorts of topics and revelations from the bizarre to the helpful ..lol.

Chat again soon ...


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