Week starting the 5th September Weekly Sunlit Memories Oracle Card Reading

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Well it seems we had the first day of Spring all nice and sunny and it has been cloudy and rainy ever since ..lol.. so I decided to jaz up the weekly sunlit memories oracle card reading with a beautiful wattle background to remind me it is in fact spring and the warm sunny weather is coming.

Weekly sunlit memories oracle card reading

This weeks Sunlit Memories Oracle Cards are ....

Success ~ Phoenix ~ Broken

Don't you just love it when you see Success and Phoenix in the cards only to think ... OH NO ... with broken at the end.

Don't despair it is not bad to have the broken card it's a bit like the death card in tarot it doesn't always mean your in for trouble just means you may have to fix a few things before they break down so you can have all that success and fly like a phoenix out of the ashes.

I'm sure you can think of some routines or procedures that are a little broken because of just surviving and not fixing the problems when they show themselves.
If you spend a bit of time to fix things when they show up you will have a much more successful week and then after and you will be able to rise above the current survival mode status.

So this week work on making a long lasting success and to vow not to have to rise from the ashes again and be a high flying bird on fire for all time.

The Sunlit Memories Oracle Card Deck Meanings for each card are as follows..

Sunlit memories oracle card Success



You have made it! Your path is clearly illuminated by the golden glow of success, and it is leading you higher into the sky. Even the birds are flying in to help you soar the rest of the way. Leave your doubts behind. Trust that all your hard work is paying off now and your dreams will come true. Very soon the life you have desired will be yours. Stay on the golden path and enjoy the journey.

Sunlit Memories oracle card Phoenix

43 ... PHOENIX

The firey inferno of the past has become ashes. It is time to rise. There is room for you to spread your wings, free from yesterdays, and soar into a beautiful new future. Today is the first day of your amazing life. Live brightly with passion and focus. You are the phoenix, carrying all the power and strength of The Sun.

sunlit memories oracle card broken


Sometimes life is hard. Circumstances can leave us feeling alone, disoriented or uncertain. When something is broken you may feel unable to pump your energy reserves to keep you on the path to success. Now is the time to replace or fix what is broken in your life. Change what you must to allow yourself to move forward again. Feel the wind in your face and let it fill you once more with energy and joy

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Hope you all have a very phoenix rising successful week 



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