What does the week starting 12th September have in store for us?

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The sun is shining the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming.

Spring has really come to rainbow farm and with the sun comes a renewed energy to live this thing called life to the fullest.
Now lets see what is in store for us this week.

The weekly Sunlit memories oracle cards are ...

this weeks sunlit memories oracle three card reading

Blue Birds Song ~ Silver linings ~ Independence

I love the blue birds song card it is always singing to me the moment I look at it I hear the blue wren song sweetly singing and it reminds me to be myself and be unique sing your own song no one elses. It is a silver lining to be able to show our unique way our independence from the rest of the world and to show our song. Sing loud and proud and make sure to see the silver lining in all situations and you will be on your way.

The meanings to each card are ... 

blue birds song sunlit memories oracle card


Life is like a blue bird’s song, filled with joy and spontaneity. Be social, loving, active and kind. Keep a song in your heart and share it whenever you can. By living with gratitude, caring for yourself, smiling often and laughing with sincerity your song will spread joy into the hearts of those around you.

Silver linings card from sunlit memories oracle card set


Bring your focus to the positive in every situation. There is a silver lining in all that we do or that happens to us. If you look for it, even trauma and hurt in life can bring opportunities to find your inner strength and grow. It may not be easy, but as The Sun shines upon the clouds of yesterday, light will break through and illuminate the silver lining, the blessings, from within them.

Independence card with sunlit memories oracle card set


Alone in the vast sky, you shine brightly, working your way toward your dreams. You are unique, intelligent and amazingly resourceful. Remember this and use it to your advantage. You have all you need within you to make things happen and to stand strong and tall. Trust in your independence

If you would like your very own personalised three card reading or to get your very own Sunlit Memories Oracle Card Deck click on the links in the images or email through the contact page.

Have a great week ahead and let me know how the cards played out for you.

ps... the image behind the cards today was taken just outside my door of the beautiful spring clouds.

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