Wrap up of this year Aussie Bird Count

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Each year Bird Life Australia run a bird counting event this year it ran from October 16th until October 22nd.

Aussie Bird Count by Bird Life Australia

If you are Australian you could follow along with the fun and the bird counting app still works even now so you can count all year round just for the joy of getting out into nature to see the beauty of the bird life in your area.

Also even if you are not Australian you can always spend 20 mins each day counting the birds in your backyard I know I would love to see some of the amazing species of birds from around the world. Where ever you are in the world you can always tag #rainbowfarmphotography in your bird posts and I will check them out.

Now the counting is over I thought I would post my finished sightings although I there were so many more birds these were the ones I  noticed with my eyes and were counted.

Final stats for Aussie Bird Count by Rainbow Farm photography

27 species and that is not all that visit Rainbow farm but that is what I saw in that week some didn't visit but were around and others only visit at certain times of the year.

Which bird is your favourite??  

Do you think I should do a blog post on each bird??

Do you think I and you should keep bird counting and we can share our stats once a month?

So will you join me?  Lets continue to get out there for 20 mins a day to drink in the amazing healing power of nature and see our beautiful feathered friends and maybe if we do it all year round the stats will help the bird organisations in keeping up to date with the patterns of the birds we see.

I am going to continue on and look forward to finding out what birds who visit Rainbow farm and hopefully I will get some great photos while I am counting to show you the beautiful birds on rainbow farm.

If you would like to join me in person taking photos of birds and all the other amazing sights of Rainbow farm you can book in for a one on one or a group photo walk just click on the below button and lets get walking.  If you aren't in the Busselton, Western Australia area make sure to put it on your bucket list for your next travel destination the whole Margaret river region (which includes Busselton)  not just Rainbow farm is amazing.

Photo Walks on Rainbow farm in Busselton Western Australia


Birds of Rainbow farm photography

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