About Me

Hey There ...

I am Coralie Plozza a single mother of two teenagers and three fur kids living in the beautiful city of Busselton, Western Australia.

We live on a farm that is lovingly called Rainbow farm for all the rainbows that come across the paddock.

I have been taking photos of nature since the early 2000's and get up every morning to take the fur kids for a walk and capture the sunrise over the farm.
The farm also has lots of wildlife and birds not too mention those rainbows.

Over the years I have realised that taking these nature photos has brought me peace and healing and I share this with the world.
Bringing the Healing Power of Nature Into Your World.

I love to share my photography and hope that it brings healing to you and inspires your day.

Follow along with me to get a glimpse of rural Western Australia and all the antics of my family and the farms creatures.
Also love to share a tip or two on the easy way to take photos with less stress and lots of healing power.

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Thank you for being a part of my world