Week Starting 10th October Sunlit Memories Oracle Card Reading

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Isn't time flying it is already ten days into October it won't be long and Christmas will be here again.  Might be time to start ordering all those beautiful nature gifts from Rainbow farm photography ..hint hint.

Well another Monday means another Sunlit Memories Oracle Card Reading.

So what does this week hold in store???

This weeks Sunlit Memories Oracle Cards are ....

Blue Birds Song ~ Reach for the Sky ~ Forgive

Time to get back to your own unique song and writing the lyrics each day to bring it loud and proud.  Reach for the sky with your song and forgive yourself for not singing out loud or staying stuck in a rhythm of worn out songs by others.

Now I of course don't literally mean get out there and sing .. well now that could be an option to get the creative juices flowing and stretching up towards the sky is always a good physical exercise to practice .. but I am referring more to writing your own path and reaching for you goals and not beating yourself up when you creep back into old ways .. each day can be a new song and one day you will get that number one hit that you will want to sing over and over.

The individual card meanings are as follows...


Life is like a blue bird’s song, filled with joy and spontaneity. Be social, loving, active and kind. Keep a song in your heart and share it whenever you can. By living with gratitude, caring for yourself, smiling often and laughing with sincerity your song will spread joy into the hearts of those around you.


For a tree to reach the sky it must grow through all the seasons. Mother Nature can bring sunshine, bird song, gentle rain, howling wind and thunderstorms. But the tree keeps reaching, keeps growing, every branch stretching up to the sunlight above. As can you. Take your life experiences, both wonderful and troublesome, and use them to learn and grow and push forward to the amazing sky above.


Free yourself from the confindes of hate, fear and obligation by relinquishing the pain. Forgive mistakes and past hurts. Those who have done you wrong have their own demons to conquer. They do not have to be your burden anymore. Your own mistakes were lessons for your growth. Forgive, release and move forward into your sunlit future with a light heart that shines bravely.

Enjoy your week and let me know if these cards brought you music and new heights in the comments below.


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