the week starting 29th of August 2022 Sunlit Memories Oracle card reading

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You have to get the good vibes when you see this weeks Sunlit memories oracle cards ...

they are a great set of three to make this week and your dreams moving forward amazing.

So what are this weeks Sunlit Memories Oracle Cards you ask ??

They are as follows ....

Mists of Change - Window to the Soul - Phoenix

Weekly Sunlit Memories Oracle Card Reading 29th August 2022

Don't you agree these are awesome cards to be getting for this week?

So what does it mean .. well I am sure as soon as you saw the photo and the cards you had a smile on your face and maybe even let out that breath you were holding.

We are all looking for a bit of change (did you sing that ? I did lol) and when it gets a little misty as the seasons are changing now that window can get a bit hard to see through but it's time to spring clean and wipe that window clear find what you really want to be changing and work towards it this week so you can rise like the phoenix into a bright new future.

Let me show you the cards individually so you can go more in-depth with the reading for the week ...

Mists of Change Sunlit Memories oracle card


Each day The Sun rises and sets but each day is unique. The seasons come and go, the weather changes too. As the angle of the sun casts movement of shadows over the ground, the circumstances of our lives alter as time passes.

Some change happens to us, but we can also change the world if we choose to. Realise the beauty of new opportunities to grow. Step into the mist and be part of the change.

Window to the Soul Sunlit Memories oracle card


Let go of the barriers you’ve been hiding behind.

Open the curtains, uncover the window to your soul and let your light shine out into the world.

That burning light within you is being wasted in the confines of your walls.

Let people see it and bask in it’s amazing glow.

Phoenix Sunlit Memories oracle card

43 ... PHOENIX

The firey inferno of the past has become ashes. It is time to rise. There is room for you to spread your wings, free from yesterdays, and soar into a beautiful new future. Today is the first day of your amazing life. Live brightly with passion and focus. You are the phoenix, carrying all the power and strength of The Sun.

What will you be changing? where are you flying too?? let me know if these cards moved you into action leave a comment below or send through a message on the contact form or on social media.

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I hope you enjoy this weeks reading and look forward to hearing how your week went.


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